Kids are important to God! Invest in the next generation!

Kids Preschool

  • Safe & fun age-graded classes
  • Carefully screened, fun-loving workers trained to provide an exciting experience
  • Special family times – Bonfires, Hayrides, Harvest Parties
  • Parent guidance classes and workshops available
  • Parent corner–monthly parent resource highlight
  • Pastoral counseling and mentoring opportunities

Kids are incredibly important to God. He wants every one of them to fulfill His purpose for their lives. It’s so exciting to realize that God wants to use us to lead our children into their destiny.

For more information contact Kelly Sharak and Mary Ellen Hunt through the church office –682 8887

Our Vision:  To Invest into the lives of our children.

Our heart is that our kids know that they are not only the future, but that they are important right now! We want them to feel valuable and precious because that is what they are in the eyes of Jesus. Instead of disappearing into the walls of our church, we seek to encourage and support them to use the gifts God has already set inside them.

We invest in our children by developing relationships with them that go beyond a Sunday morning church setting. Nurturing relationships that take them fishing, hunting, to the library, and a baseball games so that they know we are walking along side of them on this path of life.

Our vision includes creating a safe and fun place for God to develop our children’s gifts, welcome and encourage their use in church and respond in an affirming and appreciative way.

We want to be a place where kids are excited to come to every week to have fun, fellowship with their friends, and in the mix of it all, learn about Jesus.

Our vision is that we as a church all see the value of our children and seek to invest in them.

We are not babysitting every Sunday, we are investing in the lives of our children because if we don’t, who will?

Psalm 78:5-6 “For he gave his laws to Israel, and commanded our fathers to teach them to their children, so they in turn could teach their children too.”

John 21:15 …”Then feed my lambs, Jesus told him.”

Galatians 6:7 …”a man will always reap just the kind of crop he sows!.”

Encouraging our youth to follow Jesus is a high priority among us–the next generation recieves our greatest resources.

  • Bible Studies
  • Prayer
  • Special Events
  • Worship.
Small Groups for Big Friendships

It’s through the support and challenge (the ups and downs) of enduring relationships that we mature spiritually. We value relationships big time and work hard at giving them a place to grow through small groups!

Small Groups meet at convenient times and locations. Contact the church office at 682 8887 for current list of groups and addresses.